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Let us upgrade your home with the safest, most efficient and cost effective products available.

The are any number of methods and materials used to insulate homes. However, there are three key areas when considering the effectiveness of the best products to choose.

  • R-Value:  R-value is a rating of thermal resistance. Increasing the thickness of an insulating layer increases thermal resistance but does not create a true air barrier.
  • Air Barrier:  An air barrier controls the flow of air between insulated and un-insulated areas of a home.
  • Vapor Barrier:  A vapor barrier will prevent diffusion of moisture between spaces.

Most homes have three primary areas that call for insulation: attics; walls; basements and crawl spaces. Depending upon the age of the home, materials and methods will vary. Insulation is installed to improve the thermal resistance of the home, to reduce energy costs, and to increase comfort in the living spaces.

As environmental concerns increase, and building codes change, it is important to upgrade our homes with the safest, most efficient and cost effective products available. Blown-in cellulose insulation has been insulating homes for many years. It is made from recycled newsprint and other recycled paper products. Treated with non-toxic fire retardants, it provides a durable, safe, and cost effective way to insulate your home. Cellulose can double or even triple the density of traditional fiberglass insulation, increasing the thermal resistance and thus creating a more effective barrier against heat loss. Blowing in cellulose will allow it to reach cracks and crevices that could not be reached by fiberglass batting. Studies show that homes with blown-in cellulose insulation typically require 26.4% less energy and perform 38% better in insulation efficiency than a house insulated with fiberglass.

Certain areas of the home such as attic kneewalls, doors, slopes, and stairway access will call for different products such as Polyisocyanurate rigid foam board. Polyiso can provide excellent insulation and vapor resistance.