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Home Energy Audits

Reduce your home’s energy consumption, save money, and improve
the comfort and safety of your home.

The purpose of a Home Energy Audit is to determine how and where a home may be losing energy. It’s also an assessment that will help to identify which of the home’s heating and cooling systems are working inefficiently or improperly, and what energy saving measures can be implemented to remedy the problems.

Using specialized equipment such as a blower door, combustion analyzer, and an infrared camera, the auditor will be able to determine where and how much air is leaking from the home. During the audit, the effectiveness of the current insulation inside walls and ceilings will be determined. Any existing or potential combustion safety issues will be identified.

The auditor will discuss with the home owner, what systems are operating inefficiently and will recommend energy saving measures and improvements. We can help home owners prioritize proposed improvements, and will provide information on utility sponsored programs and any incentives, rebates, or loans that are available.

A Home Energy Audit will result in a reduction of your home’s energy consumption, saving you money, and improving the comfort and safety of your home. In addition, the audit will identify potential problems such as poor air quality, mold, and carbon monoxide.